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Daawo:---- Daacish oo Jabaan Ka calaacalsiisay kadib markii ay duldhigeen ay ku qasbeen in ay bixitaan Lacag dhan..............
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Labada muwaadin ee u dhalatay Japan ayaa xirnaa dharka lagu yaqaan dadka ay dilayaan, iyadoo labada muwaadin midkood uu ahaa wariye caan ka ahaa dalka Japan.

Ninka IS u qaabilsan fulinta dilalka gowraca ayaa ka soo muuqday muuqaalka, kaasoo horay u gowracay afar muwaadin u dhalatay dalalka Mareykanka iyo Britain.

Labada Muwaadin ayaa lagu kala magacaabaa Kenji Goto Jogo oo ah wariye caan ah, kaasoo bishii October lagu afduubtay magaalada Kobane, sidoo kale ninka kale ayaa lagu magacaabaa Haruna Yukawa, kaasoo ah qabiir milateri oo u shaqeynayay shirkad howlaha milateriga qaabilsan.

Muuqaalkan ay sii deysay IS ayaa ku soo aaday, iyadoo Ra’iisul Wasaaraha Japan Shinzo Abe uu booqanayo Bariga Dhexe, isagoo u balan qaaday 200-milyan oo dalalka dagaalka kula jira IS.

Ra’iisul Wasaaraha Japan oo ku sugan magaalada Qudus ayaa ku tilmaamay arrintan mid aan la aqbali karin, isagoo xusay inay taageerayaan dalalka bariga dhexe.

Japan ayaa waxaa horay uga jiray walaac ah sida dowladdu xooga u saartay siyaasada arrimaha dibada, waxaana su’aalo badan la iska weydiinayaa sida ay IS ka yeelanayaan labada muwaadin ee ay afduubka u heystaan, iyadoo tani ay tahay mid caqabad ku ah fara gelinteeda dibada.
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